To CSA or Not to CSA…that is the question.

16 Jul

While browsing another food blog; I can across a post waxing poetic about CSA boxes. CSA boxes?? So I took the initiative and did a little digging online. Come to find out CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The following was taken from the MACSAC website:

CSA is a unique social and economic arrangement between local households and farmers who work together to share the responsibility of producing and delivering fresh food. Households support the farm by paying an annual fee in the winter or spring that entitles them to a “share” of the season’s harvest. Once harvesting begins, members pick-up a weekly box of fresh foods which may include produce, fruits, cheeses, eggs, meats, poultry, flowers, herbs or preserves. Pick-up sites are often located at a member’s house or at the farm. Most farms create a newsletter that accompanies each delivery with notes about farm activities, descriptions of what’s in the delivery, cooking tips and recipes. Many farms also create opportunities for their members and families to visit the farm and participate in farm events. The typical CSA season in Wisconsin runs from the end of May through mid-October. Farms offer a diversity of share options including extended season shares, multiple share types and sizes, and special funds and payment plans to accommodate households on a tight budget. CSA farmers use sustainable and organic methods to produce high quality to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment.

I thought, Hey!, I want in on this. I used google to find a CSA farm in Fond du Lac County. Lo and behold, I found HighCross Farm. I urge anyone who reads this blog to click on the link or type in in your browser and have a look around. The farm is run by Steve and Kath Vogelmann (two of the nicest people you could ever meet). The farm is beautiful and efficiently run. Steve treats the items grown on his farm like they are his babies..essentially they are.

I do what is called a worker share. I give Farmer Steve a few hours a week, I get a CSA box. Easy as that. It’s so very easy to give up some of my free time to the Vogelmanns. Working on their farm is fun and rewarding to me. I’ve always been interested in gardening and have always wanted to have a garden of my own. The magnitude of the Vogelmann’s garden amazes me. Their farm hands are awesome, wonderful, christian kids who make doing even the mundane of tasks fun and exciting.

I’m sort of playing catch up with my posts, since I’m just figuring out wordpress. The next few posts will highlight my first CSA box and some of the stuff I’ve made with it and with some of the things Ive had in my pantry. Enjoy!

One more thing……

You can’t deny Wisconsin’s beauty.

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