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18 Jul

As I said earlier, I had gotten some wicked awesome raspberries in my CSA box today.  These babies were fresh picked this morning, and don’t have a very long shelf life.  I wanted to make something I had never made before.  Raspberry Sorbet.

I have the raspberries, but thought It would need a little something else to make it even better.  I knew I had some extra limes, and then I remembered that I had some mint left over from last weeks box.

Raspberry/Mint/Lime Sorbet:

1 container fresh Raspberries

The juice of two limes

A handful of fresh mint leaves

Simple syrup (1 C sugar & 1 C water put in a pot and heated until boiling, then cooled to room temp)

Puree raspberries, lime juice and mint in blender.

Add puree mixture to cooled simple syrup and run through cheese cloth or a wire strainer to get the seeds out.

Put into a freezer proof containter for 1.5 hours then wisk. ( I do not have an ice cream maker, so I wisk it to put in a little helps with texture)

Let freeze until firm.

This came out way better than I had expected.  The fresh mint added a freshness to the flavor of the sorbet.  I will definitely be making this again. It’s very easy to make, give it a try the next time raspberries go on sale.

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