“Make me supper!!”

18 Jul

“Make me supper!”, that’s usually what I hear from my hungry 14 year old son. Today was no different. After sleeping all day due to illness, the kid woke up ravenous. Since my daughter took off to be with friends, Ryan and I decided that sandwiches would hit the spot tonight…but what kind? hrmmmm…

After picking up my CSA box today, I was instantly inspired. I made BLT’s with a twist, onion rings and a special dessert.

I already had the bacon, bread and tomato, and my CSA box had the lettuce (a beautiful Batavia type).

So I made my bacon (I bake mine so my bacon doesn’t shrink and shrivel), cut up my tomato and prepared my lettuce. Now, remember I said BLT with a twist…well my twist was adding arugula into my sandwich as well. I love arugula’s peppery bite and thought it would be a nice compliment to the salty bacon.

Mmmmmmm Bacon!


I love it when you take this….

with a little batter mix and a good beer…and turn it into this…

Those onion rings were fantastic. Thank you Farmer Steve for including onions this week.

My plate. It was delicious. Those onion rings sure didn’t last long.

Stay tuned, if all went right I will be updating later to let you know what dessert was.

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