19 Jul

I had gotten an nice bunch of Kale in my CSA box this week.  I’ve never cooked or eaten kale before, so I thought why not try it tonight.  The kids are gone, so it was just me for supper tonight.  I trimmed the stems of the kale and chopped it up into nice bite sized pieces.  I had some bacon left over from BLTs, so I chopped it and browned it in my dutch oven then took the bacon pieces out and drained all but 3 tbs of bacon grease.  I minced three garlic gloves and sauteed them in the bacon grease until clear (but not brown). I added the kale and a cup of water and cooked until the water was gone.  I put the kale in a bowl…sprinkled the bacon on top and that was that.

I haven’t determined if I like Kale or not.  This didn’t turn out bad, but it wasn’t my favorite. Maybe I just need to get used to it since I don’t usually eat greens.  The bacon adds a nice and much needed saltiness to it.

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