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A Hiatus Of Sorts…

We found out today that instead of Jeff having 1-2 years, he may only have 1-2 months.  His cancer is growing at a pace that boggles his oncologist’s mind.  Jeff’s mother and I were overwhelmed today to say the least.

He will be getting a double shot of chemo on Monday.  His doctor says the chances his body will accept it are slim.  Three weeks from Monday we will know.  If his body doesn’t accept chemo and his tumors do not shrink, then it’s comfort care.

I can’t wrap my head around the concept of watching someone die.  Someone I  love.  I have yet to deal with the fact I may have to give up the house.  It’s all too much.  The last thing on my mind is cooking.  At least today.

Every bad emotion a human can have, I have.  It sucks.

So for the five or so people that read this blog 🙂  I may or may not be updating for a little while, it all depends on what happens with Jeff.

It’s a supposed hiatus meaning, If I feel it may sooth my soul I will make something awesome and share it with you all.  But for right now, even cooking isn’t soothing my soul.  We shall see.

Keep your fingers crossed Jeff’s body accepts chemo and tumors start shrinking.  It’s been nothing but bad news, after bad news. Some good news would be nice.

Thank you for reading.



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